Frequently Asked Questions

What is the range of sessions Dr. Bacon provides?

The presentation titles may be accessed on the Home page in the lower right section under “Presentation Titles” or in the Services Offered section by clicking first on Keynote Addresses and Seminars and then on the tab at the bottom of the page directing you to “For more detailed descriptions…”. These describe a variety of sessions that have been well received in the past although presentations are tailored to the specific needs of the group after discussion with the professional development planner(s).

How much time in advance is required to book Dr. Bacon for an engagement?

Of course it is preferable to book as far in advance as possible but some engagements may be secured on relatively short notice if the date(s) desired are available on her calendar. Some times of the year are particularly busy, particularly in August and early September when the calendar gets booked for opening-of-school convocations. Contact us by telephone or by completing the form in the Contact Us section to determine availability of the dates you desire.

How might we get a chance to preview one of Dr. Bacon’s presentations?
Please contact us by e-mail to determine if there will be a presentation in your area and/or at a date that is convenient for you.

How much would this cost us?

Fees include costs for the honorarium, travel expenses and duplication of handouts for participants. More detailed information is provided on the site in Contact Us/Booking Information. Briefly, fees vary based on the nature of the group, the amount of preparation and travel required and the season in which the presentation is desired. We try to accommodate the client’s budget when we can so feel free to call to discuss your individual needs and determine if we can arrive at a mutually acceptable amount.

How much time is involved in a consultant day?

The same daily rate applies if Dr. Bacon provides a one-hour keynote address or a 5 -6 hour seminar. In most instances, ½ day is recommended if the client can use the time in a meaningful way as long the consultant can make reasonable travel arrangements before the end of the day. Dr. Bacon prefers small group sessions “A Conversation with the Presenter” following a keynote address to give participants who desire this an opportunity to raise their own issues regarding the topics covered.

How have Dr. Bacon’s sessions been received?

It is rare in the large group keynote addresses that Dr. Bacon does not get a standing ovation and evaluations have been uniformly positive. Her presentations tend to be inspirational, humorous and uplifting but also quite challenging. Her style is a down-to-earth one that resonates with educators given her extensive experience in education at all levels as well as the wealth of experience she has had dealing with diverse populations. Given that her major focus is on fostering more positive beliefs, attitudes and expectations for the students we serve, her message can make some uncomfortable about some of their past behaviors but audiences always leave inspired to change their dysfunctional practices rather than resentful of the challenge to the status quo.


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