Short-Term Services

Whereas most contracting with the consultant desire a single presentation for a designated group such as keynotes at conferences, opening-of school convocations or professional development days, administrative retreats, etc., those organizations that recognize the relatively short term benefits of motivational speeches that inspire, typically try to identify a variety of venues for this work that can have a greater impact on the overall institutional culture. School districts that opted for short term contracts for multiple days chose a combination of presentations including sessions for all district administrators, an opening-of-school convocations for staff, seminars for key educational leaders (e.g. counselors, special education staff, coordinators, etc.) and consultation with school.

These included districts as diverse as Richmond, Virginia, Central Islip, New York, Brownsville, Texas , the Department of Defense Schools (Germany and Japan) for multiple days. The emphasis in these generally involved shaping a school-wide vision of proficiency for all with a particular emphasis on meeting the needs of challenged or challenging clients.



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