Vision Statement

Although Dr. Bacon has numerous themes that she addresses during the course of her consultant work, a very clear philosophy and vision is evident throughout irrespective of the topic. The fundamental underlying principles that define the content of all of her sessions comes from her own professional background as a teacher, counselor, administrator, probation officer and consultant as well as a personal background that was shaped by her experiences as a person of color who came from the culture of poverty. Dr. Bacon has emerged as a strong advocate for those who are challenged by and challenging to the environments in which they must function. Her vision of a world that is characterized by equity and equal opportunity for all is obvious from the following themes that are evident in all of her presentations:

• A belief that individuals are shaped by their experiences and that these must be and taken into consideration in understanding and evaluating their behaviors. "If you do not know what one’s journey has been, it is impossible to truly know who they are".

• The inability of educators to properly address the needs of those who have had a different journey than theirs is often not the result of an unwillingness to ensure excellence for all but precisely because of the differences in the experiences they bring to the teaching/learning process. "Valuing multiple perspectives: an integral part of the teaching/learning process".

• The premise that educational environments and societal institutions must be designed based on a philosophy of diversity as the norm rather than viewing difference as deviance. “People, like flowers, must be appreciated when they are in full bloom”.

• The awareness that equal treatment is not necessarily equitable treatment and the gap between the successful and those who are not is most often the result of unequal access to the opportunities available to them. Excellence without equity: a hollow prize indeed…

• The necessity of approaching individuals from a strength rather than a deficit model to capitalize on the gifts and talents that they bring to the teaching /learning process, "Until Lions have their own historians, the hunters will always be glorified"




Mary Montle Bacon, Ph.D.

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